Create ESG indicators that align with your sustainability beliefs. Stand out from the crowd by creating custom metrics using raw data from the providers of your choice.

WeeFin gives you access to the most advanced calculation library on the market to parameterise your regulatory and custom indicators

Easily parameterise calculations and methodologies

Access to a library of
calculations and methodologies

Sandbox testing of advanced methodologies

Keeping track of calculations

Access to a library of methodologies and calculations

Set up all the methodologies of your choice:
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access to pre-configured regulatory methodologies that are automatically updated as changes occur
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option to customise existing methodologies
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configure in-house methodologies with your own metrics

Sandbox: an unconstrained test environment

If you want to develop your own methodology, WeeFin's Sandbox allows you to:
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test new methodologies
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modify or create new allocations
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modify the datasets used
This is all done without impacting production data. You can switch from a complicated coding system to a simple parameterisation system.

Keeping track of calculations

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All calculated and underlying data are stored in historical records and available on request in the event of a regulatory or internal audit.
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The evolution of indicators over time can be visualized on dedicated graphs.

Strategic functionnality
to help you achieve your sustainability objectives


regain sovereignty over all your methodologies to achieve a robust strategy.


WeeFin cuts the development time for a new calculation from 2 months to less than 5 minutes.


Sandbox interfaces allow you to set up complex strategies in an intuitive environment.

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