Data aggregation

In order to meet the various regulatory and client demands, you accumulate many ESG data sources.

WeeFin offers a full range of services to help you build a single, reliable repository that is shared across your organisation.

A golden source
offering optimum coverage

Automatic integration
of data sources

Guaranteed quality
due to automated controls

Matching algorithm to maximise the coverage rate

Automatic integration
of data sources

With WeeFin, you can integrate all your data into a single platform.

Our tool allows you to connect automatically:
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Automatically connect to any public or private ESG data source of your choice
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Link to your internal ESG data (research)
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Connect to internal tools for investment data

Optimised quality due to
automated controls

Implementation of :
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Technical checks
on ingested datasets to verify the quality of data received
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Functional checks
the consistency
and veracity of data received (values, correlation between several indicators, ...).
Checks can be fully customised to suit your preferences, with the platform offering complete flexibility.

Optimised coverage rate

Get optimal ESG data coverage and a single repository thanks to :

Automated matching

Automated data matching using an advanced algorithm


Propagation of certain indicators according to customisable rules (hierarchical tree and rules of your choice)

Customised proxies

A customised proxy calculation system
On average, our platform enables you to automatically obtain a coverage rate of over 95%.

Strategic functionnality
to help you achieve your sustainability objectives


Using ESG Connect means an average saving of 77% compared to in-house development.


5x less time spent by your teams on ESG data management as the result of automated processes.


Our solution enables you to reduce operational risks by ensuring data consistency.

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