Easier reporting
and compliance with regulations

regulatory reporting

customised reports

Collaboration made easy

Automated regulatory reporting

WeeFin collects your ESG data and automatically produces your regulatory reports:
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SFDR (Website Disclosure, PAI, Taxonomy)
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As well as your reports on labels (SRI, Toward Sustainability, etc.)
The reports produced can then be downloaded in Word or PDF format to meet regulators' requirements.

Production of customised reports

Because not all reporting is regulatory, WeeFin allows you to produce your own customised reports and integrate quantitative and qualitative data.

Collaboration made easy

WeeFin facilitates collaboration and limits the number of working files, emails sent and the resulting risk of errors, thanks to a centralized reporting process to which all those involved (ESG team, compliance, marketing, etc.) have access.

Strategic functionnality
to help you achieve your sustainability objectives


data centralisation makes it easy to reuse the same ESG data from one report to the next.


which takes the mental load out of reporting.


thanks to our templates, updated in line with regulatory developments.

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