When making investment or divestment decisions, it's difficult to anticipate the impact on the sustainability of the portfolio.

To ensure you are following your sustainability strategy and meeting your commitments, use our simulation module to anticipate changes in indicators.

A differentiating tool to test a change in strategy

of existing portfolios

of new portfolios

Indicators tracking and alerts

of existing portfolios

WeeFin lets you simulate the impact of changes to your portfolios:
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Changing the weighting of securitiesin the portfolio
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Adding or deleting
portfolio holdings

Creation of new portfolios

You can also choose to create a new portfolio from scratch using the instruments in the universe and compare it to the current portfolio.

Indicators tracking and alerts

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With each simulation the selected sustainability indicators are recalculated to assess the impact of the new allocation.
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Alerts can be set to identify negative impacts.

Strategic functionnality
to help you achieve your sustainability objectives


In-house simulations are often time-consuming. With WeeFin you can run a new simulation in just a few clicks.


Visualise in advance the impact of a portfolio change on its sustainability.


Once the simulation is complete, your business controls are applied to ensure the allocation is compliant.

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