Our team is committed to a more ambitious approach to sustainable finance

With our SaaS platform ESG Connect, we put technology at the service of sustainable finance.
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WeeFin in a few words

🚀 WeeFin is an impact fintech company founded in 2018 and aimed at professional investors.

♻️ Based on our belief that sustainability should be at the heart of every investment decision, we developed a SaaS platform called ESG Connect that allows financial actors to optimize their environmental impact by easily integrating sustainability metrics into their investment strategy.

⭐️ ESG Connect allows financial actors to cross-reference numerous ESG databases from different providers, check their quality, set up customized metrics based on their investment strategy, and issue all required ESG reports, including regulatory ones.

Our history


WeeFin was founded on the premise that finance lacks transparency and education, especially when it comes to sustainability.

👉 The result: while environmental and social issues are on the rise, the financial sector, which holds the world's capital, is doing nothing. It carries on funding projects that are harmful to the environment.

Issue at hand

The adventure truly started the day Grégoire Hug and Pierre Bittner met on the GR20 trail in Corsica.

In between two stages, under the sun, they exchanged ideas and came to the conclusion that the issue revolved around the complex nature of data. Most financial analysts, who are responsible for directing capital towards more ethical companies, are drowning in data and spend more time managing it than taking action.


Together, they envisioned technology’s potential to change investment practices.

They were soon joined by Sabrine and Marion. Initially, the team helped financial players develop their sustainability strategy.

ESG Connect

Inspired by conversations with clients in the field, they designed a turnkey tool, a SaaS platform that would make life easier for financial players, allowing them to use ESG analysis as a competitive advantage: the ESG Connect platform was born!

When Pierre left for other adventures, Guillaume joined WeeFin as CTO to create the first industrial-scale version of the platform.


🚀 Next decisive step: fundraising. In June 2022, 2 impact funds enter WeeFin's capital, enabling even stronger development. In 2023, WeeFin signs its second fundraising round to kick-start its international development.


Today, the ever-expanding team still provides financial players with a flexible platform that is tailored to their specific needs and strategies.

WeeFin's core strength lies in the teams' technical and operational know-how when building this ambitious platform, as well as in the values binding its employees: a desire for transparency, high standards and responsibility.

Key figures

Raised in 2023
Our mission

In 2023, WeeFin was granted France’s special socially and environmentally sustainable business status

Beyond the regulatory aspects or standardized approaches to ESG, the urgent issues surrounding society, the climate or biodiversity are encouraging the financial sector to provide even stronger and more genuine support for projects that promote social or environmental values.

Nevertheless, incorporating sustainability as a new aspect of portfolio analysis and transparent communication on investment processes presents challenges and even obstacles for financial players.

We are developing cutting-edge solutions, services and technical platforms to help these players.

We are a catalyst for sustainable finance.

👉 For a more demanding sustainable finance.
👉 For sustainable finance to become the norm more quickly.

Our values


We strive for transparency in everything we do and try to avoid the "black box" effect commonly found in the financial sector.

Responsibility & freedom

At WeeFin, everyone has equal amounts of freedom and responsibility. Our managers work with their teams in a spirit of trust: each employee is autonomous and free to make proposals that can help drive our shared project.

Active learning

We are convinced that in order to act, we must understand. We take the time to share our knowledge and expertise when it comes to sustainable finance with all the players in our ecosystem.

Critical thinking

We take pride in continuously pushing the envelope with our analyses and are constantly on the lookout for the truth.

As practices, solutions and needs evolve, so do we.
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Join us

Day after day, our team is working to make finance more sustainable... join the adventure!
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