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Are you a developer? A sales representative? A data expert? A sustainable finance specialist? Find out what our employees have to say.

"I’m a Back-End Developer at WeeFin. The thing I like best in my daily work is being part of a team. The people I work with have plenty of ideas and energy, it's a source of motivation and a real driving force for moving a project forward."

Meiline MONIER
Back-End Developer

"The R&D team has many roles to play: in addition to being experts on environmental and societal issues, we take a critical look at data/methodologies and contribute to product development. It's exciting!"

Lead R&D

"I joined WeeFin to focus on expanding ESG in a caring environment.
I provide assistance for our clients, participate in research and impact measurement on a daily basis."

ESG Lead Expertise

"We're building an innovative, user-centric, feature-rich platform. All in the spirit of collaboration. I'm very proud to be part of this dynamic and passion-driven organization."

Sally AZAR
UX/UI Designer

"I chose WeeFin for my internship because I was looking for a start-up with great ambitions. I was able to learn about sustainable finance and benefit from the company's growth to increase my responsibilities and knowledge."

Victor BOULY
Sales Manager

"Customer Success at WeeFin means constantly interacting with all our teams to help our clients succeed with their ESG strategies. The flexibility and autonomy granted by WeeFin are real assets as I work 100% remotely from Dublin!"

Martin FRON
Lead Customer Success

Our corporate culture

We are committed to creating a work environment where teams can collaborate in a supportive manner, and where everyone can have an impact and is treated fairly.
In practical terms: respect and responsibility are valued by our managers, and decision-making is as decentralized as it can be so everyone can contribute to our shared project.

Our position on gender equality

From the outset, we were keen to establish a corporate culture that valued competence and collaboration, and the means to verify the absence of discrimination. Regular monitoring of equal pay has become key in a context of rapid workforce growth.

We wanted to check as objectively as possible that our approach was achieving a coherent result, so we decided to calculate the Gender Equality Index. In 2023, our result was 85/100.
Gender pay gap
Differences in individual salary increases
Salary increase upon return from maternity leave
Gender balance among the 10 highest paid employees

Our work methodology

Our Tech and Product teams coordinate on a daily basis, sharing their progress and operating via weekly sprints.

These sprints are in fact open to all WeeFin teams so everyone is able to have a clear vision of the platform's features and contribute to its evolution. Since the development of our product requires specialized and diverse expertise, we are organized in inter-team squads for better cross-pollination.
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So what is it actually like to work at WeeFin?


Our onboarding process starts as soon as the job offer is made.

The aim is to integrate new hires as soon as the decision to join the adventure is made. We want to give every new arrival the means to efficiently take on their role by creating meetings, content, and opportunities to get to know WeeFin better.

After a few weeks, everyone is asked to help identify areas for improvement in the existing processes.

The organization

We start with a principle of day-to-day responsibility: everyone is responsible and autonomous within their own area.

Our weekly telecommuting schedule is flexible and can range from 0 to 5 days, all of which is communicated in good faith each week.

The collective

As part of a process of continuous improvement, the team meets regularly for updates.

Our Q&A Strategy meetings allow the entire team to learn about project progress and strategic priorities.

Our "Retrospectives" sprints provide feedback on recent developments - what worked and what didn't. As everyone is involved in the success of the same project, each employee is awarded BSPCEs when they join.

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