Empowering sustainable investments

Regain control over your ESG data, make your sustainability strategies more ambitious and collaborate more easily through ESG processes.
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Automate tedious manual tasks, achieve differentiation with your ESG strategy.

Save time

Automate low-value ESG data management tasks: quality control, repository management, etc.

Keep your costs under control

Our modular SaaS platform is up to 77% less expensive than in-house development.

Achieve differentiation

Regain control over your ESG data and improve your ESG metrics communication through better management.

A golden source of ESG data & smoother processes

Whether you are an Asset Manager, a Wealth Manager, a CIB…, consolidate your ESG processes.
We provide automatic integration of all your ESG data sources, both public and private, as well as your investment data (portfolio, universe, benchmark, book, etc.)
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Manage data integration via customized rules. Gain access to your golden source of ESG data and an automatically matched repository for optimal coverage.
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Set up regulatory indicators (PAI, Taxonomy...) or create custom indicators / scores based on your investment strategy.
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Easily monitor your sustainability indicators at various levels: issuer, portfolio, book, entity, etc. Check compliance with your business rules or objectives using customizable rules.
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Build your regulatory reporting (pre-contractual SFDR, periodic, PAI, EET...) and streamline processes by using the same platform to collaborate with all your teams. All indicator measurements are automated.
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Easily communicate your sustainability metrics and create custom ESG reports based on measurements provided by the platform.
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Make your day-to-day life easier and maximize your impact
with our ESG Connect platform!


Expertise in technology and sustainability: our added value for a successful ESG strategy

Our team draws its strength from a combination of two core competencies: its command of cutting-edge technologies and expertise on sustainability. Through these, we are able to go beyond the simple integration of ESG criteria into our platform. We can provide assistance for your strategy implementation and compliance with current regulations.

Our latest insights

Check out the studies and articles written by our experts to help you understand sustainability and regulatory issues.
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How Can Regulation Become a Valued Asset for Sustainable Finance Actors?

While European regulations are attempting to provide a framework for the booming sustainable finance sector, major challenges remain, including the risk of greenwashing and the need for a common language.
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Article 29 LEC: Deciphering the reports published in 2023

Download our analysis of Article 29 LEC reports published in 2023.
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